Waterin Trough
Pinellas Park, FL
I really like this place and don't get there often enough.  It is a fair weather place (check in advance if you are in doubt about them being open)... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Aubrey Broyles
C M'S Place
Wimbledon, ND
I love Phoenix Landing. Their cuban sandwich is worth it as a destination alone, but it's just a restful place to come, whether it's for a casual... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Leroy Dedmon
Horseshoe Bar
Yukon, OK
I would give this .25 stars if rateclubs allowed me to. if you're looking for a restaurant that strives for decor, but lacks in tasty dishes, this... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Michael C.
Aneuhaus Entertainment Co.
Hempstead, NY
I don't know why I like this place so much, but I really do dig it. Its NOT packed full of young guns, tourist, or "my people" there. Can't stand... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Chris B.
Goose Creek, SC
The Phoenix is alright, nothing spectacular. It gets ridiculously crowded and people wait in line to get in, but there's really not much to it. I... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Marcus D.
Augusta, GA
The decor certainly makes the experience worthwhile. The alcohol is watered down. Kobe burgers are wonderful.... (more)
RatedNightclubs, Bars and Pubs
by Cellar D.

Browse the top rated Bar & Grills In South Dakota as Rated by Users Like You! Find the hottest South Dakota Bar & Grills and the most popular SD Bar & Grills locations.

nightclub reviews
Roadhouse Nightclubs & Grill
Rated # 1 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Rapid City, SD 57701
Phone: 605 716 1900
nightclub reviews
Northshore Bar & Grille
Rated # 2 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Lake Preston, SD 57249
Phone: 605 847 0205
nightclub reviews
Water Hole Bar & Grill The
Rated # 3 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Wolsey, SD 57384
Phone: 605 883 4909
nightclub reviews
Scoreboard Bar & Grill
Rated # 4 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Huron, SD 57350
Phone: 605 352 7580
nightclub reviews
Dr Lucky's Bar & Grill
Rated # 5 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Mitchell, SD 57301
Phone: 605 996 3200
nightclub reviews
Brewster's Bar & Grill
Rated # 6 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Crooks, SD 57020
Phone: 605 543 5686
nightclub reviews
Ponderosa Bar & Grill
Rated # 7 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Frederick, SD 57441
Phone: 605 329 2211
nightclub reviews
Waterhole Bar & Grill
Rated # 8 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Wolsey, SD 57384
Phone: 605 883 4909
nightclub reviews
Speed Way Bar & Grill
Rated # 9 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Milbank, SD 57252
Phone: 605 432 4060
nightclub reviews
Upper Cut Bar & Grill
Rated # 10 South Dakota Bar & Grills
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Phone: 605 336 0900

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